The mission of MyIRMCCommunity is to further IRMC’s commitment of combining quality care and compassionate service. This resource allows us to extend that care and service into a more meaningful lifelong relationship with our region via an active and engaged online community.

What is MyIRMCCommunity:

MyIRMCCommunity Helps You Remain Connected with Indiana Regional Medical Center and Your Friends
“It takes a village”... MyIRMCCommunity brings that old adage into the 21st Century! MyIRMCCommunity is an online community that encourages “socialization” that we believe will help you be more connected with IRMC and your friends as often as you like. These social behaviors include connecting with IRMC physicians and staff and your friends and relatives, to promote a healthier and supportive community.

At MyIRMCCommunity, You Are Never Alone - Support and Encouragement is At Your Fingertips
We want our community to come together and feel safe sharing your experience. That is why we have created four groups to reflect the biggest and upcoming challenges facing our community. The groups are listed below, but this community is also robust enough for you to create your own group(s).

MyIRMCCommunity Blogs:


Human Motion Institute

Follow IRMC’s commitment to deliver the highest-quality, personalized, convenient and state-of-the-art musculoskeletal care.

Indiana Healthcare Foundation


Care for Spine and Pain is available from the HMI Center for Spine and Pain Management. Our physicians offer a variety of treatments and procedures for the management of all types of pain. Call or visit our office at the HMI complex at 724.357.8135.

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As Indiana Healthcare Foundation (IHF) embarks on a new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on a fantastic culmination event in 2012 – the B.E. Taylor Christmas Concert that benefitted the Teddy Bear Fund Drive...(read more)

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Behavioral Health Service

Information for patients and caregivers as well as community agencies, medical center employees, physicians and students.

Senior Leadership

Senior Leaders keeping you informed about IRMC.

Preparing for the holidays can be stress click on the Alzheimer’s link below to access holiday tips for the memory impaired

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Thank you for checking the inaugural IRMC Senior Leadership blog.  In this space, we will be communicating leadership visions, philosophy, insights, and giving strategic updates.  This blog will be quite different...(read more)

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Connect and Act with these online community tools.

Profiles are your “virtual membership card” to MyIRMC. It allows other community members to know who you are and makes it easy to establish new friends.

The Dashboard answers the question “What’s New?.” It is a starting page that shows you the new activity at MyIRMC. See what is going on in the community, the entire network or what your friends are up to at a glance.

See Community Events, create your own, discuss them, see who is attending and invite friends or those who have similar interests.

Discussions & Messaging System
Allow people to have discussions in small groups or create private group conversation. Send messages to multiple recipients and easily track the conversation through a centralized thread.

Files and Albums
Upload and share photos within your community. Upload photos of an event or even share images for a project you are working on. File albums is where you can upload files from documents, articles and more.

Blogs connect people and help you build communities of shared interest. They give each person a voice. Because blogging is as natural as writing an email to a group, one can share thoughts and solicit feedback without worrying about filling up everyone's inbox. Blogs also foster communication with peers or colleagues and nourish new ideas.

Group Management
Manage small groups, classes, discipleship groups, leadership groups, projects and more. Groups can be public, require an administrator’s approval to join or they can be private by invitation only.